Britta's Christmas 2008

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Toon Room 3

Following the lines of Toon Room 1 and Toon Room 2 - we bring you another simple room for all your party scene needs. Toon Room 3 is a large hall type room, with each piece separate so you only have to load what you want! Unlike the two previous toon rooms however, Toon Room 3 cannot share textures - but have no fear, it comes with plenty of its own for all your scenes. Also included in the Toon Room Package is the ceiling lamp, and P5+ material settings for it. Textures are done with P5+ material files rather than MATpose files since these are props. Don't forget to download the decorations pack down below to spice up your holiday celebrations!

Toon Room 3 :: Templates

Halloween Decor for Toon Room 3

The party decor pack for Toon Room 3 (or any other room you might wish to decorate) includes a set of streamers specifically designed for TR3, as well as a poseable streamer for any scene. A ghost on a string, wall pumpkin and black cat (added after I did the full room preview up above...and I was too lazy to redo it) are deliciously spooky to surround the bobbin tank complete with apple for all your party fun. Apple loads directly above the tank to make placement easier. Bobbin tank and water done with P5+ materials.

Party Decor Pack :: Templates

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